You deserve peace. My job is to help you find it.

Relationship Trauma Therapist | Fairbanks, Alaska

Does it feel like your mind keeps you trapped in your past?

You tried everything you could to make it work. Finally you did the hard thing and you walked away. But you’re not free. Memories scream into your mind when you are at the grocery, or looking at your son’s face. You are afraid to go to sleep at night, because it’s hell all over again. You have gotten a job, you are caring for your kids on your own, but you hear their words, “No one will ever want you. You can’t do it without me,” replaying in your mind. You are always on edge, always ready for what might happen. You feel like you are far away, watching someone else live your life.

As you go about your day, a sound or a smell makes your heart pound. Someone who looks like your ex walks by and your body reacts like it was them. It feels impossible to trust anyone, or to trust yourself to know who is safe and who isn’t.

A view of head, shoulder and arm of a Black woman standing with the camera looking over her left shoulder from behind, towards the setting sun. She wears a hot pink tank top. Her arm is raised in a gesture of empowerment, as someone who is celebrating her progress in relationship trauma therapy.

A painful past doesn’t have to steal your future. Therapy can help you to create:

  • Safety and confidence in your body
  • Meaningful, supportive relationships
  • Healthy boundaries and the confidence to enforce them
  • A sense of community
  • A healthier and more resilient you

We start by creating a foundation for our work by expanding your toolbox of coping strategies to help you manage big feelings, and get the symptoms that bother you most under control. Once we have that foundation, we can move into processing specific traumas that you feel need attention. All of this work will happen at the pace that feels safe and supportive for you.

A white woman smiling big into the camera. Her brown, highlighted care is in a low ponytail pulled over her left shoulder. Her ear lobes are stretched with silver small-gauge earrings with silver hoops hanging down from them; her nose is double pierced. She wears several silver necklaces around her neck. Geometrical tattoos on her arm and chest peek out from her white t-shirt. Her face and smile show the relief and joy that come from reclaiming your life in relationship trauma therapy.

Relationship trauma therapy can help you:

Challenge self-defeating thoughts
Find coping strategies that truly work for you
Understand the strategies your brain and body developed to keep you safe (which often become trauma symptoms)
Put flashbacks and intrusive memories to rest
Learn healthier relationship skills
Process the grief that comes from painful parts of your history

Relationship Trauma Therapy for:


toxicity, abuse or violence in intimate partner relationships


sexual violence


trafficking experiences


adult survivors of child abuse

Recovery is possible.


Frequently Asked Questions about Relationship Trauma Therapy