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Therapist for Life Transitions | Fairbanks, Alaska

What now? Starting over doesn’t have to feel stuck or scary.

You tried so hard to do things right, but life did not work out how you imagined. You are trying to move forward, but it’s hard to imagine what that will look like and it feels overwhelming and scary. The relationship wasn’t healthy, and you had to leave, or your partner left you, and you didn’t want to let go. The job you gave your heart and soul to turned toxic, and now you don’t know what’s next. You did what you were “supposed” to do, you checked the boxes, you worked hard, you were so good, but you are left feeling disappointed and disillusioned and even ashamed.

Now you look at your dream for your relationship, or your hopes for your kids, or your vision for a career, or your financial life, and you feel afraid and hopeless. Where did it all go wrong? How are you this lonely, scared, and lost, after all that hard work? Was it you? Was it them? How do you find hope and direction again?

A view from behind of a white woman with long, light-brown hair, standing on a balcony, insulated mug in hand, looking towards a misty mountain view. She wears a gray wool cap and and a dark colored jacket. Contemplating her life in transition as she goes through therapy.

Together, let’s discover your confidence and joy again.

You can find your deep inner knowing, your strength, and your confidence. You can take charge of your life and create a life that is true to your values, rewarding, connected, and fulfilling. You can understand your relationship patterns, and learn a new way of being in relationships. Your story is still being written.

In therapy for life transitions, we can work together to recognize and understand the patterns that keep you stuck, or that created results you didn’t want in your life. We can work together to get really clear on your values and your goals. And we can begin to change the patterns to move you towards a life that feels aligned, hopeful, and empowering.

Therapy for Life Transitions for:

  • Healing post-relationship
  • Struggling with feelings of failure, shame, or self-blame
  • Struggling to interrupt patterns in your life, or intergenerational patterns in your family
  • Starting over
A young woman with light brown skin and dark curly brown hair smiles into the camera, her arms wrapped around herself in a hug. She wears a black tank top and big hoop earrings. She is feeling self-love and hope as she works through therapy for life transitions.

Therapy for life transitions can help you:

Recognize patterns in your relationships and ways of being
Transform shame and frustration into self-compassion and empowerment
Grieve the life you had and lost, or wished for and never got
Learn that you don’t need to be perfect to be valuable and loveable, and practice cutting yourself some slack
Recognize the places where you get stuck, and learn to do something different
Use your feelings as information, rather than being overwhelmed by them or shutting them down

You don’t have to give up your dreams.


Frequently Asked Questions about Therapy for Life Transitions