250 Cushman Street, Suite 2G
Fairbanks, AK 99701
bessie green, lcsw, IMH-E® III

Counseling in Fairbanks, AK, for Children and Adults

Find your path to healing.

I work with adults and children who are suffering from the effects of painful and destructive relationships, to help them stop feeling afraid and trapped by the past and find their own power and peace.

Bessie Green

I offer the following services:

Individual therapy
Individual therapy with adults
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Parent-child therapy
Child-Parent therapy

with expecting parents or with a baby or young child (birth to age six) and the adults who are raising them

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Individual therapy with school-aged children and adolescents
Individual therapy with school-aged children and adolescents

with supplemental sessions with their parents or other caregivers

Group therapy
Consultation for other therapists
Reflective supervision consultation

for clinicians and other service providers working in the areas of family violence, interpersonal violence, and infant and early childhood mental health

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Child-Parent Therapy

You can see your kids are struggling, but you don’t know how to help. You are maxed out already coping with juggling work and childcare, custody discussions, and your own shock and grief about the end of your relationship. And now your preschooler has regressed and is wetting the bed at night and cries whenever he doesn’t get his way, and your toddler’s daily tantrums make you want to lie down on the floor and cry and kick with her.

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Trauma Therapy

When moving on isn’t enough. When you’ve left the relationship, but you feel stuck in the aftermath, I can hold a light to help you find your way back to yourself. You deserve peace; my job is to help you find it.

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