Find your path to hope and healing.

Counseling in Fairbanks, AK, for children and adults.

Bessie Green, standing, looking into the camera and smiling. She is a white woman with dark brown hair streaked with gray, just past her shoulders. She is wearing a black puffy coat. Behind her are bare birch trees mixed with green spruce trees. Snow is visible on the ground. She is ready to walk with you into your future with counseling in Fairbanks, AK.

When your past just won’t let you move forward

Maybe you left the relationship, but you can’t leave behind the words they said to you or the way they made you feel. Your relationship or your job ended and you feel hopeless and stuck and so sad. You are worried for your kids, who are acting out or withdrawing since big changes came to your family. Or you are afraid to repeat painful patterns from your childhood with your own children.

You tried so hard and things didn't work out. You know you don't want to repeat what you have been through, for you or your children, but you don't know how to make it different. It can start to feel hopeless when moving on doesn’t make you feel better.

Wherever you feel stuck, you don’t have to struggle alone.

There is a path forward, and I can help you find it.

Hi, I’m Bessie. I offer counseling for people of all ages: adults, adolescents, school-aged kids, and even expecting or new parents with their infants and toddlers. I help people to change patterns, break cycles, recover, and thrive. I create a safe space for you to explore what you’ve been through and how it changed you. I help parents learn how to support their kids. Together we will find the understanding and tools to free you to create the life you want to live.

Bessie Green, a white woman, looking into the camera and smiling. The sun shines on her brown hair, which falls past her shoulders. She sits with her right elbow propped on the wooden armrest of the chair, leaning slightly forward, ready to listen to you with counseling in Fairbanks. She wears a blue shirt and jeans, and there is a maroon and green striped blanket over the chair behind her.
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Line drawings of two people, sitting in chairs facing one another, with word bubbles over their heads, for relationship trauma therapy.
Relationship Trauma Therapy for Adults

Together we can unpack how a difficult relationship affected you, and find your way back to yourself. Your past is part of your story, but you get to decide where that story goes next.

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Line drawings of two people, sitting in chairs facing one another, with word bubbles over their heads, for therapy for life transitions.
Therapy for Life Transitions for Adults

The end of a relationship or job, a move, or other life transitions can bring up grief and overwhelm and feelings of failure. Together we can find your joy, your hope, and your path to creating the life you want to live.

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Line drawing of two people. A short-haired person sits on one side of a desk, facing the viewer, a pony-tailed person looks back at them from the other side of the desk. Each has a word bubble by their heads for children's therapy services.
Children’s Therapy Services for School-Aged Kids and Adolescents

I create a safe space for kids and teens to make sense of their experiences and learn important emotional regulation skills they will need for their whole lives. As a parent, you will learn how to support your child on their path to healing.

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Line drawing of an adult in a dress, facing a child in a dress, with arms raised up towards the adult for family counseling for early intervention.]
Family Counseling Services for Early Intervention
(prenatal to age 6)

Whether you are expecting a new baby, are struggling with new parenthood, or are worried about how tough experiences have affected your toddler or young child, I am here to help you to help your child.

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Additional Services

Line drawing of two hands coming together to shake hands, with word bubbles above and below the hands, for therapist consultation.]
Consultation for Therapists and other Service Providers

I offer reflective supervision consultation for other providers, especially in the areas of intimate partner violence and infant and early childhood mental health.

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An Asian grandmother holds her grandbaby as they both delight in one another in family therapy for early intervention. Both have dark brown hair and eyes. Grandma’s hair is pulled back from her face; her grandchild’s hair is tousled. Grandmother looks over her shoulder at the baby in her arms, and nuzzles his cheek with her nose. Baby looks straight into the camera, with two teeth on the bottom and two top teeth just peeking through the gums in his big smile. Grandma wears a brightly colored floral patterned shirt; baby a navy blue shirt.



Stuck in the same patterns
Learning new ways of being in relationships and in life
Trapped in fight or flight
Learning to calm your mind and body
Tormented by nightmares and flashbacks
Working through what your mind is trying to understand and finally letting it rest
Standing helplessly by while your child struggles
Understanding what your child is communicating with their behavior and how to help
Feeling hopeless
Hopeful for the life in front of you

Wondering how all this works?


Schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

During this time we can discuss your needs, answer your questions, and decide  whether we are a good fit to work together.


Get support.

I offer counseling sessions in person in my office in Fairbanks or by telehealth across the state of Alaska. We will meet for weekly 50-minute sessions where we can work together to relieve your distress and find a path to get you or your child feeling better and living your best life!


Feel relief.

As we move through the process of counseling we will make sure that you are connected with the supports you need and have the knowledge and skills to handle what life brings your way.
A young woman with light brown skin and dark brown eyes sits propped against pillows in bed, with a laptop on her lap for online therapy. Her dark brown hair with blonde highlights is pulled back into a ponytail. There is a small smile on her face and a dimple on her cheek as she focuses on her computer screen. Her hands hover over the keyboard and trackpad of her laptop. She wears a light blue chunky knit sweater; a rust orange pillow with a white geometric embroidered pattern lies in the foreground.

Counseling in person at my office in Fairbanks or online across the state of Alaska.

Wondering about online therapy? Online sessions take place through a secure, HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. All you need is a private place to talk and a good internet connection. Online sessions aren’t appropriate for every circumstance, but we can discuss whether this option is a good fit for your needs.

You want relief. I want to help you get there.

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A young Black woman with big, curly hair celebrates the life she has created for herself with the help of counseling with her arms raised in the air, hands in loose fists. Her face is lit up with a big smile as she looks off to the side. She wears a blue and yellow, plaid, button-down shirt.